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Mark Glogowski

Proud to be Libertarian

Mark was born in Rochester, New York in 1943 and is a proud member of the Rochester Community living in Hamlin for 43 years. His career was with Eastman Kodak where he spent 32½ years in their research labs, retiring in 1996.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Rochester in 1967, a Masters from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1972 and a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 1976.

Mark joined the Libertarian party in 2009 and was the chairman of the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) from 2015–2017 and chairman of the “Free Libertarian Party, Inc.” since 2019.

In 2011 he authored The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics, Trafford Publishing.



as a political advocate for
the Libertarian party.

Libertarian Party – Against Tyranny, For Liberty.

Individual Rights

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Religious Freedom and Liberty