There are two political statements you can make that are counted. Both statements are powerful enough to change society’s structure. Before they can be used to create the change you first have to know which Worldview you embrace.

What’s that?

Your Worldview is what you use every time you say to yourself, “That is not right!” “That should not be”. Those sentiments are your subconscious telling you that what you are observing is inconsistent with what you have come to believe about how society should be structured and the government should function. There are only four political Worldviews. The easiest way to make the determination of which of those Worldviews you embrace is to answer for yourself the two Political Interrogatories ( PI s). The PIs are based on two fundamental political concepts that politicians refer to as the political Direction and Approach (1).

Interrogatory I (Direction): Who should ultimately be responsible for making the decisions concerning your welfare (health, wealth, and safety): You or Government?

Interrogatory II (Approach): Should the government empower you or control you?

The two PIs can be asked many different ways, but the questions always come down to who should be making the decisions that impact you, and who should be given the resources to implement the decisions that are made. There are four possible combinations of answers to the PI’s. Each combination of Direction and Approach creates a different Worldview. Listed are the four possible combinations, along with the political party that today embraces that Worldview and a term that reflects a characteristic of the members of that political party. Do not be alarmed if you find the political party that embraces your Worldview is not the political party you joined.

The Four Possible Combination of Political Interrogatory Answers

  1. Democratic Party (DEFENDER) – The government should make the decisions; You should be empowered.
  2. Green/Reform Parties (ENFORCERS) – The government should make the decisions; You should be controlled.
  3. Republican Party (CONTROLLERS) – You should make the decisions but You should be controlled.
  4. Libertarian Party (ADVOCATES) – You should make the decisions and You should be empowered.

Most people did not join their current political party for political-philosophical (Worldview) reasons. They joined because members of the party included family, friends. was the largest party in town, … or one of the thousands of other non-philosophical reasons.

The party that is identified as embracing your Worldview is the party that is trying to create a structure for our society based on your Worldview beliefs.

Making Your First Political Statement

If you are ready to create change that will be meaningful to you, join the political party that embraces the Worldview you embrace. Your membership in that political party will be a 365 day a year statement concerning how you want laws written. Your statement is that when laws are written, you want your political party’s Worldview used to determine who should be making decisions that impact your life and who should be empowered with the resources to implement those decisions.

Your political party enrollment is the first and most important political statement you can make. Your enrollment is always counted. The number of members in a political party determines how powerful the political party is considered to be. A political party of millions is comprised of individuals like you. Each individual, one at a time, decided to join the party. Your membership in a political party, if it’s for the right political reasons, is a statement that will always have lasting meaning to yourself. If you are enrolled in a political party that clings to a Worldview other than the one you embrace, your enrollment is making that political party appear one person stronger than it should be. At the same time, the party that is embracing your Worldview is one person weaker than it could be. Correcting that situation is a change only you can make.

Making your Second Political statement

Consider a candidate who claims to embrace the same Worldview as you, but is enrolled in a political party that embraces a different Worldview. If you vote for that candidate, your vote becomes one more vote for the implementation of laws based on the Worldview of the political party the candidate is enrolled in. Your vote will never be counted as supporting the Worldview you embrace. So, even if that candidate wins – you still lose.

To make your vote matter, vote for a candidate who is embracing your Worldview and who is enrolled in the political party that embraces your Worldview. But be careful. Scrutinize the party’s candidates carefully. Not every candidate on your party’s line embraces your Worldview. Moderates in your party embrace a different Worldview. You can identify them fairly easily because they get along just fine with people enrolled in other political parties, but not so much with the people enrolled in your party. Also, keep in mind, the electoral process allows for people in other political parties to be placed on your party line on the ballot.

To determine the Worldview that a candidate embraces look at their solutions and proposals to address society’s problems. What Direction and Approach do their solutions take? Who do they propose to make the decisions? Who do they propose to be empowered to implement those decisions: You or the government? Those two facts are the first and most important facts about any solution that you should determine; the Direction and Approach control the structure of society that will be created.

If you vote for your party’s candidate and that candidate embraces your Worldview, your vote will then be making your second political statement consistent with your 365 days a year political statement. Then, regardless of whether your candidate wins or loses, you will always be proud of your vote – because your vote made a statement that matters to you.

Begin to make meaningful change.

If you are not already a member of the political party that embraces your Worldview, and you want to make your political statements matter to you, change your political party. You can do so by clicking on the NYS DMV’s Motorvoter registration link.

Mark Glogowski, Ph.D

Libertarian Candidate

NYS Assembly District 139


For a detailed discussion of Worldviews read The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics, Mark E.

Glogowski, 2011, Trafford Publishing. To order click on this link: